QA360 Business Continuity SolutionsQA360 BUSINESS CONTINUITY SOLUTIONS:

What keeps you up at night when you think of unplanned interruptions?  

Business continuity is considered amongst the top risks for businesses according to PwC. Businesses today are deemed more vulnerable due to actions of increased reliance on technology, lean ‘just in time’ strategies that lead to multi-tiered supply networks, and outsourcing of critical business functions, Though these actions help maintain competitive advantage in today’s global economic landscape, they increase exposure to business continuity risks.

In order to be able to respond to unpredictable business disruptions in a timely and effective manner, QA360 business continuity solutions facilitates implementation of a multi-faceted Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that:

  • Factors behaviors and requirements of executives, employees, customers, as well as suppliers.
  • Is a strategic level plan and help employees resume critical business operations within the shortest possible time while protecting key assets.
  • Is adaptable to various scenarios of unpredictable business interruption situations and encourage collaborative and organized interactions in a systematic and accurate manner.

Our first in class agile Unified Business Continuity Process (UBCP) will help you create a practical and easy to implement a multi-faceted business continuity plan within as short as eight weeks. This is because UBCP comes with with easy to use tools, templates, and supplemented with expert consulting hours.

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QA360 Business Success Solutions





Do you need a fresh set of eyes to help identify the low hanging fruit that will help increase your revenue and competitiveness?

Our business success solutions include a business assessment to help hone in on areas of your business that require immediate consideration. We will conduct a 360 evaluation of your business capacity (operations, human resources, finance, technology) as well as business capability (adaptive leadership, strategic governance).  Our tool gives us a quantifiable assessment which allows us to build a business success plan that identifies the businesses root cause issues within any functional area and are resulting in overflow effects into other areas of the business.

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